Janos is always wary, walking on the balls of his feet almost all the time. His eyes dart around, trying to find the monsters hidden in the shadow, because he knows they are there. He is pale of skin with very strong elven features; high cheekbones, glossy dark hair and pointy ears. If he ever flashed a smile you might see two slightly elongated fangs…but he never smiles.


Janos was told at a young age about his heritage. His mother became a vampire hunter soon after his birth, tracking down the fanger that raped her to stop him coming after her boy. He was raised amongst other hunters, it has been the only life he has known.

Eventually, what happens to all hunters happened to his mother and young Janos was forced to put his undead mum out of her misery. He teamed up with members of the Knights of the Raven until one day he was captured in Barovia and tortured. His tongue was removed but he was rescued by a band of Vikings before the job of killing him was completed.

He joined up with the small band as they began a series of assaults against Castle Ravenloft. On one such incursion, the party was attacked by Strahd himself, Janos managed to brand the count before escaping with a number of holy artifacts. The rest of the party were turned into Strahd’s vampire slaves.


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